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Im thinking of getting points to get a premuim membership can i have one please? O W O

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Name: (( No plz no))
Gender: Female?????
Species: Human((I like to be a dragon also though...))
Mate/Husband/Wife: ((I leik being single unless if were roleplaying c:))
Children: *Mikasa's Fabulous Poker-Face*
Friends(In Real life):I HAVE SU MANEH IDEK XD
People I Look Up To/Admire: :iconseeraphine: :iconredglaceftw: :iconfreakness96: :iconpandafilmsg: :iconsidfan12: :icondragonoficeandfire: :iconfandusk64: :iconphdjkvmg: :icontyraka628:
STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz
Stamp: FlashLight Fan by TwiinklingFox stamp by LittleTornSoulSpyro fan for Life stamp by KingdomKira


:iconask-bonnet: I've made a new account ;u;
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: Fanfics
  • Watching: My daydreaming imaginations of HTTYD
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
Confused Night Fury by Pikachufan260
Confused Night Fury
It was orginally gonna be an icon of a female night fury but i decided why the hell not? And i began to practice drawing a night fury's upper body and made this tell me what you think let me hear your wonderful opinion~<3

Night Fury(c) Dreamworks
Cause they think I fuck dogs when i just said "did you know leafyishere has a fangirl that fucks dogs?" annd yeah
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: Fanfics
  • Watching: My daydreaming imaginations of HTTYD
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
HTTYD: Done Lineless again~ by Pikachufan260
HTTYD: Done Lineless again~
Did it again and for once im proud of my masterpiece ^^
HTTYD(c) Cressida Cowell and Dreamworks
Night Fury (c) Dreamworks
Toothless(c) Cressida Cowell and Dreamworks
Dragon Breeding Center by Pikachufan260
Dragon Breeding Center
Inspired by a few from the School Of Dragon's forums i've decided to open a dragon breeding center! From all Games, TV Shows, Movies etc. You could also breed your ocs with other people unless you get their permition first. Comment down two dragons you want me to breed with and i will draw the hatchlings! But make sure to send me a picture of your characters so i can make them similair to their parents alright?

Are Hybrids Aloud?: Yes, yes they are
Will it include pariing my dragon with others from that show/tv/book/movie?: Of course!
Can I sell them for points?: N-O

Also if your wondering who the two night furies from httyd are they are my ocs Shadowlight and Blaze.

Night Fury(ies) (c)Dreamworks
Shadowlight and Blaze belongs to ME! :iconpikachufan260:
Just A Drawing Of Toothless by Pikachufan260
Just A Drawing Of Toothless
I got bored so i decide to practice toothless a lil :P

Toothless is owned by Cressida Cowell and (c)Dreamworks
Night furies (c) Dreamworks
Happy Halloween! I guess... by Pikachufan260
Happy Halloween! I guess...
I know this is a late release and not very important. But this year i'm not gonna celebrate halloween it's because I didnt think of a costume to wear until now(An Attack on Titan Survery Corps outfit -//w//-<3). So yeah, anyways I hope ya'll have a great holiday this year(even though it's not really a holiday)! I'll see you next time PEACE!
Nightwing Sandwing Hybrid 1# by Pikachufan260
Nightwing Sandwing Hybrid 1#
Please give credit to me after your done using the base!
Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! Make sure the colors are either a mix of a sandwing or a nightwing! Such as shadings of sand brown(or gold like sunny's), and shadings of dark random colors close to black ;3!
Pink Dot Bullet - F2U! You can also use the base for a dragonet oc!
P.S: Made this in school
Wings Of Fire By Tui T Sutherland
Apparently :iconiheartdreamworks: here steals art. Although I know they must've been a BIG fan of dreamworks and take inspiration of the company but could they AT LEAST give credit and STOP STEALING ART AND SCREENSHOTS N SHIT?!… <-- Gallery
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: Attack On Titan Fanfics
  • Watching: My daydreaming imaginations of HTTYD
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
Sharkwing by Pikachufan260
(I really wish I have more designs for this guy ho boy. I FORGOT TO ADD DEM GILLS HNNNGH!!!)

Description: Shadings of pale blue or gray, thick bodies, has gills under their jaws, 6 rows of teeth, three wings on each side. Fins on forehead, back and tail. Black eyes and has webs between talons.

Abilities: Can breathe underwater, fast swimmers, can smell blood a few miles away(Duh SHARKwings are based on SHARKS).

Queen: Queen ???

Any hybrids?: Unknown possibly none.

Known animus dragons?: None.

Tribe rivalies: Forestwings and sometimes Airwings.

Any dragons related to them?: Nope.

Diet: Carnivore, yet they mostly eat seals, seal lions, otters, a few oysters and they're known to eat Seawings -w-(Tsunami is not gonna be pleased once she encounters a random sharkwing oh boy D:)

Weaknesses: If their whole teeth are pulled off it will take a whole month for them to grow back, thus giving them a low chance of successfully hunting prey. Although their scales are slightly less 'armory' they can still have a fighting chance likely if their underwater since they can move faster underwater than on land. Like real sharks they have to move alot in-order for their heart to keep beating meaning if you hold them down(if lucky enough to not get bitten or scratched) they may die in a couple of minutes.

Wings of fire belongs to Tui T Sutherland :3!
Forestwings by Pikachufan260
A dragon that lives in the 'Lost Continent' also i used them as roleplay purposes with my buddy here :icondreemurr-dragon64:.
(Pretty sure Starflight will ask ALOT of questions to them XD)
Description: Slim body like a snakes to get around the forest easier without trees to block their way, Can either be shadings of green with brown, orange or yellow, Antler like horns that develop depending on their age, thorn like tongues and branch-bark like tails.
Abilities: Can stab prey with their tongue to tear into the tissue aiming for either the lungs or the intestines, use their horns to fight enemy like deer, camouflaudge in tree leaves with their green leaf like scales and uses their tail to camouflage it as a branch, breathe fire.
Queen: Queen Flora
Any hybrids?: A few but not that much.
Known animus dragons?: Clearly none
Tribe Rivalies: Sharkwings and ???(WILL update it in the future!)
Any dragons related to them: Yes, Rainwings
Diet: Omnivore mostly lives on pinecones, acorns, deer, wolves and sometimes bears.
Weaknesses: Although they can jab their tongue into their prey or enemy the only things they dont fully damage are sort of material(like metal, iron etc.) or dragon. Although they CAN stab their tongues into a dragon enough to draw out blood it's not enough to go into their systems or kill them in a instant snap. Yet their under scales are rough their weak spot is to stab them in the stomach since its the 'tender soft part' which can kill them instantly.

Wings Of Fire by Tui T Sutherland :3!
Forestwings and Sharkwings belong to :iconpikachufan260: me!

Me and my friends have an arguement here… im sad im heartbroken i felt like shit im a dumbass. No I dont want you guys to attack them, i really dont want them to kill themselves. Although im depressed i wanna say im sorry. I'm such a terirble friend
  • Listening to: My heart breaking
  • Reading: my sorrow
  • Watching: My pain
  • Playing: animal jam, pony town and pokemon showdown
  • Eating: No i wanna starve to death
  • Drinking: No I dont want to drink right now
Practicing Blood n Gore.
I'm just mad right now but at least it's the perfect time to practice blood and gore

Fantasy for dragons
Crack-Shipping Blyn by Pikachufan260
Crack-Shipping Blyn
When I rechecked my old oc and Gir's oc Rosalyn I noticed that their almost exactually alike but not just because of their looks, they both almost have the same backstory but different. I dont know what Rosy's past is but Blaze's is that he was formerly in Drago's army but escaped away from the bewilderbeast's control and dargo's army. (he has a grreat hatred for the bewilderbeast btw) Thus meeting Toothless and the others.

Similarites: - They both have scars and wear chains around both of their necks.
- Their both night furies(obviously) and they have similair pasts of slavery.
- They both have the desire to have freedom away from fighting and doing anyone's bidding.
-And they both formerly have hatred for humans(I think rosalyn does formerly have hatred for them).</strong>

HTTYD Belongs to Cressila(?) and Dreamworks
Night Furies belong to Dreamworks
Rosalyn belongs to gir36 
Blaze belongs to me! :iconpikachufan260:
Aeolius Starwing by Pikachufan260
Aeolius Starwing
I just HAVE to make a TJ x Validor fan-bebe!
Name: Aeolius (Name meaning: "Mythical keeper of the winds")
Last Name: Starwing
Species: Ice/Purple Dragon/Wind Dragon Mix
Sex/Gender: Male
Element(s): Wind(only uses it to help him fly), Nitrogen(most used)
Skill Level: Intermediate
Parents: Validor Starwing(Alive) and Tori Jewelhorn/TJ(alive)
Skills and Abilties: Like other intermediate nitrogen dragons, Aeolius can either use ammonia with his elemental breath or  ammonium hydroxide  that can irritate the skin(or scales) of his opponent leaving several burns or infections(it can give you infections right?)
Weaknesses: Though his breath can damage his enemies it is still weak since it doesn't fully kill them so he mostly uses it to fertilize and take care of plants(a habit he secretly likes which is why you always see so many da** plants in validor and tj's garden X'D). He is ticklish and he is a weak flyer yet ironically his birth element being wind and only uses it to help him for flying(if he loses mana he's screwed unless its a windy day).
Canon Character?: No.
Short Bio: Being the son of the third purple dragon and a rich mother made him become almost quite popular in school.
Yet not VERY popular, sometimes a few people will bully him about his father being a purple dragon and that he's the 'devil's spawn' yet Validor told his son that it's best to ignore them yet in the inside Validor is quite worried that he may turn evil aswell but kept it to himself.

He is the friend of Burner and Electroy's adopted daughter(Yes I ship them >B3!) Vitality(A noun meaning:the state of being strong and active; energy.).

Pure Light, Validor, Burner, Electroy and TJ Belongs To Xannador and RusCSI (Sorry if my fan-made character is a mary sue or is bad I tried my best)
Raspberry Juice by Pikachufan260
Raspberry Juice
A female purple-blue unicorn that the talent of squishing raspberries with her own hooves to make raspberry juice :D! Used it from my own base
Mlp by Hasrbo and Lauren Faust
:iconask-bonnet: I've made a new account ;u;
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: Fanfics
  • Watching: My daydreaming imaginations of HTTYD
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
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