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9 / 100
Im thinking of getting points to get a premuim membership can i have one please? O W O

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    Donated Sep 2, 2015, 7:23:35 PM
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Name: (( No plz no))
Gender: Female?????
Species: Human((I like to be a dragon also though...))
Mate/Husband/Wife: ((I leik being single unless if were roleplaying c:))
Children: *Mikasa's Fabulous Poker-Face*
Friends(In Real life):I HAVE SU MANEH IDEK XD
People I Look Up To/Admire: :iconseeraphine: :iconredglaceftw: :iconfreakness96: :iconpandafilmsg: :iconsidfan12: :icondragonoficeandfire: :iconfandusk64: :iconphdjkvmg: :icontyraka628:
STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz
Stamp: FlashLight Fan by TwiinklingFox stamp by LittleTornSoulSpyro fan for Life stamp by KingdomKira


welp hi
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: Fanfics
  • Watching: My daydreaming imaginations of HTTYD
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
Under the mistletoe base
PLEASE Give credit of my base and link to the drawing of it if in use. Please and thank you~<3

Spyro(c) Insomniac, Sierra and Activision
Spyro's Design(c)Krome Studios
Adult SpyroPicture
Name: Spyro
Sex/Gender: Male
Species/Race: Dragon, Purple Dragon, Convexita/Aether Dragon
Rank: King Of Warfang
Mate/Husband/Wife:Cynder :female:
Element(s): Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U!Fire:fire:: Able to breathe fire at a long range, blasts 1-3 fireballs at target and able to cloak himself in fire and ram into opponents.
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U!ElectricityLightning Bolt Emoji: Blast out electricity at different directoin and long range, create an electric explosive orb and send it at target, create electric tornado by spinning himself around and surroud him an an electric sphere that shocks nearby enemies.

Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! IceSnowflake: Blast out icicles to stab enemies with, create a snowball and blast it at the enemy freezing them once in contact, create an ice shard from his tail spin around and knock enemies into the air and create a snow storm tornado by spinning around.

Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U!Earthclover: Able to send out a wrecking ball like aura from his mouth and spin around both stunning and damaging enemies, blast out earth missles at target, jump up and slam into the ground to cause an earthquake to stun enemies and surround himself into a spiked boulder and ram into enemies like a hamster ball.

Dark Purple Dot Bullet - F2U! Aether/Fury/Convexity:iconthat-spyro-guy:: To send out a light purple beam at his enemies, very powerful but it drains his magic mana quickly.(I think)

Backstory: We all already know it no-need to retell it XD

Spyro (c)Insomniac, Sierra and Activsion
Adult Spyros design(c) :iconpikachufan260:
Golden Frame and Text front(?)(c) :icondragonoficeandfire:
Dark Spyro
Done it by tracing my sketch with MS Paint. Coloring and shading by using Fire Alpaca

Dark Spyro (c) Sierra and Design by Krome Studios/Jarred Pullen
Spyro (c) Insomniac, Sierra and Activision
The Legend Of Spyro Series (c) Sierra
Cynder's Color Palette
This is most likely from the color picker's examples so the colors of her scales may or may not be wrong.
"Cynder the black dragon terror-of-the-skies" Yeah even though her color textures may SEEM that she's black she particullary isn't in my opinion. Soo i'm thinking of making my 'own version' of cynder's colors so they're gonna be all bundled up together of one color each that i choose for the eyes, scales, etc.
Cynder belongs to (c) Sierra and Krome Studios
Kiss In The Sunset
FINALLY! I AM ZE FINISHED WITH ZE ART! Shit i forgot to add her smoll saber teeth FUUUUUUUCK

Spyro belongs to (c) Insomniac, Sierra and Activision
Own Version Of Spyro Design Belongs to (c) ME! :iconpikachufan260:
Ebony belongs to (c) :icondarksoulthedragon:
Spark The Dragon
To: :iconredglaceftw: here's your Ember X Spike child :3!
You could create fanart of the hatchling but please give credit first~<3

Name: Spark (Changing the character's name is aloud)
Sex/Gender: Female
Species: Dragon
Race: European Dragon/Chinese Dragon Mix
Personality: (your choice)
Mate/Crush: None(You could give the hatchling one)
Parents: Princess/Queen Ember and Prince/King Spike
The hatchling can be edited aswell sorry if the colors are too bright I am trying to not make her look too similair to her parents

MLP, Ember and Spike belongs to (c) Lauren Faust and Hasbro
Spark belongs to me! :iconpikachufan260:
Crash Bandicoot refrence?
Shit. Roleplaying with a friend online on transformice and i saw this shit i thought i need to screenshot it and post it.
Membership exists for a reason
Oi i think a shitstorm may come but f u c k it. 

AHEM! I've seen a couple of people in Aj say things like: "LIONS ROAR, EAGLES SOAR NON MEMBERS NEED ALOT OF MORE"(? i don't know can't remember much of it luckily it's rare) and "Blah blah blah, non members need more respect(agreed but still its ridiculous)" or "MEMBERS ARE SU MEAN WAHHHH(Stereotypical much?)"

Here's the reason I know there is some posts like this but I wanna do one of my own. As what the title says "Membership exists for a reason" and why you may ask? Cause what do you need to buy memership with?

M O N E Y!

If there isn't any money the game would'nt have been still going on and on and on today. Membership exists in-order to keep the companies and employees in buissness, and if not guess what happens? BOOM BAM DONE NO MORE GAME NO MORE AJ TY TY!

I'm tired now while typing this s h i t.

Animal Jam (c) Animal Jam duh, Wildworks
Plush Fury
Free to use on your ocs but please be sure to give credit thank you ~ <3

Night Fury (c) Dreamworks

Plush Fury(c) :iconpikachufan260:
Spyro The Dragon Classic Art.
I downloaded firealpaca onto the mac on my grandmas computer and looky here it's SPYROOO X3!

Spyro The Dragon (c) Insomniac 
:iconask-bonnet: I've made a new account ;u;
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: Fanfics
  • Watching: My daydreaming imaginations of HTTYD
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
Confused Night Fury
It was orginally gonna be an icon of a female night fury but i decided why the hell not? And i began to practice drawing a night fury's upper body and made this tell me what you think let me hear your wonderful opinion~<3

Night Fury(c) Dreamworks
Cause they think I fuck dogs when i just said "did you know leafyishere has a fangirl that fucks dogs?" annd yeah
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: Fanfics
  • Watching: My daydreaming imaginations of HTTYD
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
HTTYD: Done Lineless again~
Did it again and for once im proud of my masterpiece ^^
HTTYD(c) Cressida Cowell and Dreamworks
Night Fury (c) Dreamworks
Toothless(c) Cressida Cowell and Dreamworks
Dragon Breeding Center
Inspired by a few from the School Of Dragon's forums i've decided to open a dragon breeding center! From all Games, TV Shows, Movies etc. You could also breed your ocs with other people unless you get their permition first. Comment down two dragons you want me to breed with and i will draw the hatchlings! But make sure to send me a picture of your characters so i can make them similair to their parents alright?

Are Hybrids Aloud?: Yes, yes they are
Will it include pariing my dragon with others from that show/tv/book/movie?: Of course!
Can I sell them for points?: N-O

Also if your wondering who the two night furies from httyd are they are my ocs Shadowlight and Blaze.

Night Fury(ies) (c)Dreamworks
Shadowlight and Blaze belongs to ME! :iconpikachufan260:
welp hi
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: Fanfics
  • Watching: My daydreaming imaginations of HTTYD
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing

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